Saturday, March 25, 2006

On The Road Again, 'Spring Break 2006'

We are off on a new adventure. One that will take us far from work and the Winter that has been getting on our nerves for the past couple of months. We have been planning and looking forward to this for quite a while and to say this is just what the doctor ordered would be an understatement.

Our adventure began on Saturday March 25th with our travel to Medford, Oregon and a few last minute visits to stores for those little things we forgot to get in Reno.

March 25th "The Adventure Begins"
We left Reno about 10:00 am and buckled in for our adventure. The weather had been just what we expected, snow and wind, as old man Winter gave us one more reminder of the past couple of months at home. I waved one last time to the snow (with one finger extended) and we are off.
Travel got a bit slippery as we traveled past Susanville and into the mountains just south of I-5 and the Shasta area. About 2 inches of snow covered the roads but the Pilot did not loose any traction at all.
As we exited the mountains and began the trip on I-5 the weather cleared and we were in sunny skies and warm sun on into Medford.

We have pictures of our trvaels as we go, on our Flickr page. Just click the Flickr box to the left and you can travel along with us.

Resting comfortably in Medford...

Don & Brenda