Sunday, January 09, 2011

Some Thoughts on Turning 50

Hi Friends,

50 years: here's a time when you have to separate yourself from what other people expect of you, and do what you love. Because if you find yourself 50 years old and you aren't doing what you love, then what's the point? ~ Jim Carrey

I just turned 50. Yup, that is pretty much what I thought of it too. But I did want to write down a few thoughts, mostly for me to look back on, but also to share these thoughts with you.

I started to get the AARP mailings when I was 49. They actually will sign you up when you are 49 1/2, so I did that early to get it out of the way. Mostly for the discounts, but every time I have showed my card I get a look like, "you are not a senior." No I am not a senior, but I get some of the nifty discounts.

So on December 29th I turned 50. I really don't feel 50 unless I need to get out of some work I don't wish to do at the moment. But I am now 50 nonetheless. I still feel about 20, younger at times and am accused by Brenda that I act no older than 14 and at times 5 years old. I feel like I have followed many of the dreams I that have appealed to me over the years. Talk about dreams, I have crewed for a balloon team, crewed for an air race team, been in a great band and am married to the most wonderful girl in the World. The other dreams have been passing fancies, but the girl is still here even after almost 29 years. I am looking forward to all the dreams yet to come. Those that I will have the benefit of years to appreciate more.

I enjoy friends more and their company if it uplifting.

I am finding it hard to remember many little thoughts and some big thoughts, and that drives me crazy at times. But that is fine, they migh not have been that important. And because I can't remember them, I won't miss them.

It seems like 50 is not really that big a deal, when you look at people living to be 80 or 90 years old. Betty White is going to be 89 and is still beautiful and full of life. I can see living to be 90 years old and living a wonderful life with Brenda at that age. Our neighbor was riding horses and living a pretty full life well into her 80's.

Brenda really spoiled me (and ribbed me quite a bit) on my birthday. Had a wonderful cake with fireworks candles that sparkled and popped. Brenda treated me to pizza (my favorite) as well as a Nook e-book reader and some cool stuff for Pete. She also got me a great book by Dr Seuss called "You're Only Old Once, A Book For Obsolete Children." It was a great day! Make no mistake, Brenda also got some good jabs in about me being an old man. I am sure she held back a bit because she will be turning 50 at some point in her journey and paybacks are a bitch.

I am still learning new things and enjoying life every day. I have the knowledge to skip housework if the opportunity arrises to take Pete out for a long ride instead of cleaning the bathroom. I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets more all the time. This year I am learning how to play the banjo and getting some new tools to help in my understanding of horses ... and people. I know there is probably more, but I probably forgot what it was.

Peace, Love and Bliss