Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our First Camping Adventure

Hi Friends,

So we took off on our first camping trip. Sure it was a short trip, just one night and only about 50 miles from home. But we were excited and it was new and we had a blast. Sure we still didn't know that much about camping or really much about working anything on the new camper... but when did we ever let that stop us before. And what fun is anything new if you already know all the rules and how it will turn out.

Our Wonderful Camp Spot.

We made reservations for a spot at the Logger Campground at Stampede Dam near Truckee California. I made the reservations and quickly regretted the decision I made. It seems that rule number one when making a campsite reservation is, "don't pick a site right next to the restrooms." Well I didn't know that rule, or that there were any rules at all. I picked a really nice spot, just a few steps from the restroom.  As it turns out the campground map was a little mis-leading and we think we had the most beautiful spot in the whole park. It was quiet and spacious and did not have neighbors right next door.

Hey whats for breakfast?
One of the best surprises was a group of deer that came through the campground every evening just about the time folks were getting dinner ready. Smart deer and I am pretty sure you are not supposed to feed wild deer. But as it turns out the whole park seems to have something to share with them. They are beautiful and fun to watch as they meander down to the lake and then later wander from campsite to campsite just in case anyone left something lying around. It will be fun to come back in the coming years to see how the small ones have grown up and the families have changed. Most of the deer we saw were does but we did catch sight of one buck just hanging out a bit farther away from the group.

I managed to back our rig into our spot the first try and we set up the trailer without much confusion. It was a steep learning curve even with the dealers training class. Un-hooked the truck, extended the stabilizers and chocked the tires. Even the generator fired up on the first was going to be a great weekend. And it was!
Relaxing and taking it all in.

We joined in the festivities Brenda's employer was having. Good food and good conversation made the afternoon and evening fly by.

I even managed to find one of my, "it's a small World" moments when I found out one of the employees of Truckee Meadows Water Filters is the grandson of one of my mentors from the airport days of my life. I love those moments when you meet someone that you have known or talked to sometime in the past. They remind me that this is a very small world and we are all somehow connected.

We ended our trip with a wild Hummer ride up into the hills and looked out over the valley from an old fire lookout. This is really an amazing place, so much beauty it seems to go on forever. We are looking forward to exploring many of the campgrounds close to home next Spring and Summer. That should
Looking out over the Valley.
keep us busy for many weekends to come.

But for now we have more things to learn about this new part of our life. We are just not in too much of a hurry to do it.