Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Goal Accomplished!

I can scratch off one more item from my list of things that I just had to do. Today I hiked to the top of Mount Rose and looked out over Northern Nevada and California.

I really enjoy getting out and going for a good walk in the woods now and then and today I finally got off my rear and began hiking to the summit of Mount Rose. It was a bit more than any hikes I have taken in the past with a good 2000' rise in elevation in about 2.5 miles. Luckily I had read a bit about this hike or I might have been too intimidated by the trail in a couple of spots. Monday night I took a few minutes to read in the Tahoe Rim Trail Book and found that it was an amazing hike but the last few hundred feet rise towards the end was a real test.

I was on the trail at about 11:00 am and it took all of 3 hours to reach the summit. I rested and of course called Brenda at work to tell her where I was. She was really not too excited but listened to my adventure story anyway.

It took about 2 hours to fall .... I mean walk the 2.5 miles back to the car before returning home. This is going to be remembered as one of my favorite hikes because of the beauty of the Mount Rose wilderness and the views from the top of the hill. I hope to return sometime early next Spring to see the falls when they are really running and to check out the Spring Flowers.

So check out our Flickr photo's from this adventure, I know I will look at them this Winter when I am cold and stuck in the house. It will warm me up for sure!

Talk to ya soon...