Sunday, July 27, 2008

In-N-Out Burger .vs Fatburger The Winner is?

Hi Friends,

Last night our adventures took us up to Lake Tahoe to see James Taylor in Concert again. James taylor music is some of our favorite and we try never to miss a show if at all possible. Last nights show at Harvey's was amazing as expected.

This trip allowed us to settle once and for all the winner of the In-N-Out Burger .vs Fatburger challenge. For years we have loved the In-N-Out head and shoulders above every other burger we have tried. Many have tried to convince us that Fatburger was in fact better and we looked forward to trying this Fatburger they spoke of.

We found ourselves looking for something to do before the gates opened at the concert so we made our way over to Harrah's to try the infamous Fatburger. After picking ourselves up off the floor over the $9.00 + price tag for the meal deal for each person we waited to dig in.

First to arrive at out table was the vanilla shake. It did not taste any better than the new shake at Jack in the Box but cost a lot more.

Our meal arrived and we were in fast food heaven for a few minutes. I got the Fat Fries and they were okay. Brenda got the skinny fries and they were just okay too. The burgers were good but really did not compare to In-N-Out at all. The difference was in the things Fatburger brags about on the tray covers. They buy the fries from Lamb Weston (frozen) Blue Bunny Ice Cream for the shakes etc. In-N-Out makes everything fresh and cuts the fries to order. You can really taste the difference!

So for us the winner is hands down ... In-N-Out Burger any day. And any night we can spend together watching James Taylor and his band of Legends perform is like heaven.

Peace to You...


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