Friday, February 25, 2011

Trucking Over Donner Pass Again ... Big Snow Storm

Snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven.

Hi Friends,

We are in the middle of one of those late Winter almost Spring snow storms that seem to come around this time of year. It is leaving it's white fluffy goodness all over the place, and causing the usual backups and craziness.

Work caused me to make a slippery, slushy trip over Donner Pass on Thursday as well as in the Reno area on Friday. It was full of surprises and fun so I took the Flip video camera out to document the adventure.

I actually was stuck on Donner Pass on Thursday just before the summit. I had moved over to the hammer lane to pass a stuck truck and car and oops where did my traction go. I called for the Cal Trans pusher truck but got no answer. So I did my best working the truck back and forth looking for just a bit of traction, and there it was. Just a bit of traction but just enough to get me moving again. I was out of the fast lane and thankfully was not holding up traffic any longer.

It was a 7.5 hour trip from Reno to West Sacramento and just as long back to Reno. Got home late and warmed up just enough to get me through Friday.

So glad the week is over and I am sure looking forward to a view of the snow from inside the house where it is warm and dry. Hope you are warm and dry too.

Peace, Love and Bliss...


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