Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice ... A Special Time

Hi Friends,

It feels like Winter has finally taken a hold of he weather patterns and the sunny, warm days that have blessed us most of 2008 have now past. I was ready, and I must admit had already started, to go into my usual Winter funk. I do it every year about this time and it usually includes complaining about the cold or watching too many hours of TV .. things like that. It also means that I have to chain up most days to get my job done, and that seems to be more of a drag the older I get.

This year, thanks to some new directions in my Spiritual journey, I am going to take a different path. Sure, I will still have to chain up the big truck to get my work done, but now I pledge to look at each day in a different more spiritual way. I guess some would call it an enlightened look at each day, but I am still working on what I will call it, with just enjoying it at the top of my list and terms coming later.

So the 21st of December is the Winter Solstice and usually it is just another day (or night) for me. This year thanks to some really cool people I am approaching this day as something that can really change your life. At least that is what I am thinking. From the Huffinton Post, Dr Judith Reagan, I found this ..

Winter Solstice: A time to let go of what burdens. Empty out stones sitting heavy in the heart. Let bygones be bygones. Acknowledge. Forgive. Begin again.

Winter Solstice

Tao of Change

I loved this blog and got so much from it to change the way I will go forward into the Holiday season and then into the New Year. If you have a extra minute, stop by and visit and see if there is something waiting for you when you pause, breathe and look inside.

Let me know how your journey is going and pause, breathe and look inside.



Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Little Help?

Hi Friends,

I have been looking all over for this "Plug in Commuter's Warming/Cooling Mug." I had one a few years ago and it seems that they are now out of business and off the market. Of course I did find a couple of web businesses that said they once carried them, but they don't have any more.

So if you happen to have one of these, or have seen one for sale, please let me know. It is getting cold on the road, and I really enjoy that hot cup of coffee in the truck after I chain up. It is sort of a guilty pleasure for me.

To the right is picture I found of this little gizmo often called a MugMaster or at least that is what it said on mine before it gave up the ghost last Winter.

Thanks a bunch and Peace to you.