Monday, April 25, 2011

Thoughts About My First Colonoscopy

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. ~Chili Davis

Hi Friends,

Yay, I am 50 this year and am getting all the new things that age brings with it. First to come were all the comments from Brenda about being an old man.

Next to arrive was the appointment to get my first colonoscopy. I know, that word seems to bring fear into all who hear it.

The truth is that a colonoscopy is not too bad at all. Outside of the liquid diet that seems to last forever it is a breeze. The prep you have to do the day/afternoon before the actual procedure is trying but do-able. The day before the procedure you are to go on a liquid only diet to clear you out. It drove me crazy at times, but I did loose a few pounds. The night before the colonoscopy you start taking this crazy drink that tastes like way over sweetened bad lemon aid. Mine was called Movi Prep and it's primary purpose is to blow out everything hiding in your bum. It does it really well ...
The first couple hours you make frequent trips to the restroom, but after that it is just a pit stop to releve that feeling. Really it was not as bad as expected and I still got a full nights sleep.

The day of the procedure it was one more dose of the Movi Prep and then nothing more to drink until my appointment. Because there was nothing left on the inside, there was nothing more that really needed to come out.

At the Endoscopy center you just check in and they prep you for the event. An i.v. in the wrist and the usual monitors and then off to sleep you go. When you wake up, it is all done. And once you get your balance you can leave. Now I have to add that waking up and getting back the ability to stand up was the toughest for me. It probably took 30 to 45 minutes to regain my senses. I have to add here that I was out of it. Brenda I am sure will have some great stories about me waking up and trying to get on my feet. I am not sure but I think as I was going under I could hear her asking to see if they could find my head up there.

Anyway, I got to my feet with Brenda's help and took a long nap at home. Glad I did it as they found nothing at all (not even my head). So I am happy to know that there is nothing to worry about in there and won't have to visit for many years to come. I also found laughing about the colonoscopy helps. I spent some time at You Tube and found some great videos to make the evening before more fun. One I have shared with you below.

It also helps to have a great wife (Brenda) to make your journey easier.

Go get your Colonoscopy. It is a breeze and will do wonders for you mind, knowing you don't have to worry about colon cancer.

Peace, Love and Bliss,


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