Sunday, October 22, 2006

Family Reunion, What a Blast!

Hi Friends,

Brenda and I are just back from the Heiden Family Reunion in Cambria, California. This is only the second one of these that we have attended (don't ask why we have held off for so many years, it would take too much time and too many hours of counseling).

This year we were off to beautiful Cambria in Central California right on the coast between Heaven and breathtaking. This alone was worth the drive and the money as Cambria is now one of our favorite places to visit and relax. We stayed at the Moonstone Beach Inn, an amazing place to stay with animals (or without). They treated our little puppies just like they treated us and that was amazing. I don't know what it is about the people of Cambria, but they seemed like some of the neatest people in the World. You could even find them out at night after they baked fresh cookies and brownies for the guests, visiting and having a nice evening beverage while sharing the sunset. I hope you get to visit this wonderful place some day and that it is a weekend to remember for you too.

On saturday we visited with family at the Heiden family reunion. The setting this year was a quaint little park just down the street from out room and full of beauty. It backed right up to the Ocean so we were forced to take a short walk from time to time on the beach listening to the sea or searching for the elusive Moonstones that have made this place very special.

After a full day at the park we went back to our room for a quiet evening with Rusty and PeeWee (the Chihuahuas) before we had to be on the road again towards Casa Tucker the next morning.

We have plenty of pictures to share if you have a few minutes. Just stop by and check out our Flickr page right cheer! I hope we are not turning into those relatives that would invite themselves over and bring their slide projector and screen. At least with us you can just Google away from here if you want.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our adventure. We look forward to sharing our next big fun with you.

Lots of Love

Don and Brenda & Rusty & PeeWee Too!