Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Bash 'Segway Adventure'

We wanted to have one last fantastic, always be in our memories, adventure before our Spring vacation ended. So I begged Brenda and she finally gave in... She begged Danny and he finally gave in ... so we went for a Segway tour of Jacksonville, Oregon. It was the first time for most to ride on a segway and it was worth twice the price just to see the smiles on their faces. Words here will not do the story justice, so watch the video we put together and check out the pictures over at the Flickr page.

Happy Days!

Don, Brenda, Ashley & The Puppies Too

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pictures, Pictures .... We Got Pictures.

Hey friends,

We have added a bunch of new pictures to the Flickr page page for you. If you get a chance stop by and check em' out.

Later Dudes & Doodettes ...


Gold Beach Sunset

Because you could not join us at Gold Beach .... we made this little video for you to enjoy. Grab a drink and sit down to enjoy the sights and sounds of Gold Beach from March 28th, 2007.

Many coolio thoughts and most excellent wishes to ya...


Monday, March 26, 2007

We are Here!!

Hi Friends,

Ahh Gold Beach .... the pause in our life that allows us to catch up with our selves, or something like that. Whatever it is we sure need it when we have survived another Winter and all that it brings into our lives. We have arrived at our destination or Oasis as we like to call it. You can see where we are by checkin' out this Google shot. Or you can click the link and see the wide shot.

I found a great book to read tonight at Starbucks it is called A Long Way Gone and so far it is amazing.

We added a bunch more pictures for you to see what we are up to... They are over on our Flickr page.

Later Dudes & Doodettes...


From the Road in Medford..

Hi Friends,

Just a short note to let you know that all is well in Medford and we are getting ready to head out on the road again to Gold Beach, Oregon. The weather has been coolio with sunny and warm days mixed with periods of rain and some cool spurts. Everyone is well including the puppies.

I have started the photo set for this trip on our Flickr page if you are interested. You can check it out here.

Later Dudes and Doodettes!