Monday, May 30, 2011

Carmel Mission Adventure

We found on our journey, as well as in the place where we stopped, that they treated us with as much confidence and good-will as if they had known us all their lives.
Junipero Serra

Hi Friends & Family,

During our anniversary trip to Carmel we checked out the Carmel Mission. It was really beautiful, relaxing and educational. Just a short drive from our base camp at Carmel Country Inn, we found a nice quiet place to park so the dogs could sleep while we took the tour. Actually it is a self guided tour that allows you to enjoy/explore at your own pace. After entering through the little gift shop you pay and get your map of the grounds. The first part of the tour drops you into the garden area. From there we got a great feeling of the history and spirit that has made this Mission so special. Beautiful roses and statues surround the entrance to the Basilica. What a wonderful building. It looks like a post card from the courtyard. It makes it easy to imagine the same spot in the late 1770's with Blessed Junipero Serra making his way to the Basilica.

The Basilica Church is as beautiful inside as it is outside. The catenary ceiling, thirty foot reredos and 5 foot thick walls reminded me of times past, when buildings had charm and character. There were details in the details if that makes sense. In all there were 5 museums on the grounds, each one a story to tell about God, the Church and what it mean't to the people of 1771. It also showed me that history still matters to people today because so much care is taken to preserve the Mission.

For about 2 hours we wondered around the self guided tour checking out the Basilica and the museum areas of the carmel Mission. It was really cool seeing all the tools that were used to build (and rebuild) the mission. We were surprised to see that there is a active school on the grounds. It sort of made it living history with the sounds of children playing.

As we were leaving, just as we were getting in Christine (our truck) to leave, the bells chimed. It was a perfect end to our time at The Carmel Mission. We captured our tour and the bells in a video we share with you here.

Peace, Love and Bliss

Don & Brenda
Rusty & Peppy Too!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carmel Country Inn Review

Hi Friends and Family,

Still getting together all the videos and photo's from our Anniversary trip to Carmel. Wow, we took a bunch of photo's and just as much video.

In this post we thought we would share with you a wonderful place to stay in Carmel, just in case you are thinking about spending a few days there.

The Carmel Country Inn was a great oasis for us during our anniversary adventure in May. Brenda had made the reservations for us well in advance with our primary concern being someplace that would take our puppies and us together. It was a bonus for us when we found this beautiful Bed and Breakfast that charmed us with it's beauty and loves animals as much as we do. It is right in the middle of everything too. Just a short walk and you are in the heart of Carmel and all the neat little shops and restaurants. The ocean is just a few blocks away. You will be there in just a few minutes walking or a couple minutes if you need to drive.

We were in room #2 on the ground floor right next to the office. The steps leading to the room were lined with flowers and garden art that give this place it personality. It seemed like everything was in bloom. as we approached the room we thought for sure we had made a mistake, as the front door appeared to be opened. After checking with the office we learned they had opened the top half of the Mr Ed door to let the fresh air into the room in expectation of our arrival. Now that was charming, we loved the Mr Ed door!

The room we had was roomy with a gas fired fireplace and love seat as you enter. A King size bed promises a good nights sleep with beautiful linens to make it even more comfy. We love the fact that they ask for quiet time from about 9:00 pm till morning.

My favorite was the huge (really huge) bath tub with jets in all the right places. I did say huge didn't I? This was so big, when I got into it I could not reach the end with my feet. It was deep too. The bathroom was decorated in stone that set a very relaxing mood, and it had plenty of nice, fluffy towels and a vanity. The only thing missing was a nice candle or two to make it complete.

We love our dogs and travel everywhere with them. It was so nice to find that our new friends at the Carmel Country Inn loved dogs too. Actually they love all animals as evidenced by the resident cats that live at the inn. We were allowed to roam all over the inn's grounds and not even once got the evil eye that we sometimes get when we travel.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Carmel Country Inn and thank the entire staff for making us feel so comfortable. If you are planning a trip to Carmel,CA please give them a call and see if room number 2 is available. Bring your dogs along, after all they are part of your family. They will enjoy the Carmel Country Inn too.

As always, we took a short video of our stay at the Carmel Country Inn. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Peace, Love and Bliss

Don & Brenda
Rusty & Peppy Too!