Saturday, January 24, 2009

Medford in the Rain .. Better Than Working

Hi Friends,

We are on Safari again or at least taking a little trip to see folks in Medford and escaping work for a couple of extra days. It has been raining for pretty much the entire trip so far and it is beautiful as well as refreshing. There is just a magical quality that comes with a nice rain storm.

It's Bonnies Birthday and she is 65 so we are making a cake and doing the card thing. She is enjoying it and runs around on her Hoveround smiling.

Took a couple of pictures so far but will take a bunch more tomorrow as I am planning to get a nice walk in somewhere. Maybe Ashland, maybe Jacksonville, maybe ?

Anyway the GPS worked well on the way up and we all had fun looking back the way we came. Guess we will run it on the way home too. It does really shorten the life of the G1 battery but it's sure fun.

More tomorrow as our adventure continues. Smile so people wonder what you are up to.


Friday, January 23, 2009

On The Road

Hi Friends,

We are on the road this weekend to Oregon. We are trying this little tracking Gizmo ... Let's see how this works.

Removed Post Trip ...

We will do it again next trip.