Saturday, May 05, 2012

Our Silver Saddle Ranch Adventure

He knows when you're happy He knows when you're comfortable He knows when you're confident And he always knows when you have carrots. ~Author Unknown

Hi Friends,

We had planned to take the horses out to the Genoa Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival last weekend. We hooked up the truck and trailer and had most everything in place for a wonderful ride in Genoa. Then we were off to bed for a few hours of shut eye ...

Somewhere between laying down and getting up the next day the wheels fell off the cart. Neither of us was able to get any sleep and we tossed and turned most of the night. In the morning, both of us exhausted, we decided not to get up early to get to the Genoa ride. Instead we would see what the afternoon brought us.

We gave it some thought in the morning over coffee and conversation and decided to give the Silver Saddle Ranch a try. We read about it a few weeks prior and it sounded like just the ticket to keep our weekend ride dream going. East of Carson City on the East side of Prison Hill we found this little oasis of trees and green fields that was just about perfect. Except for few walkers and some folks with dogs we had the park to ourselves.

We parked and checked out the facilities map and headed off by a little creek lined by just blooming plants. The trails were very nice, mostly dirt and sand (with some areas of small rocks) and mostly wide enough for two horses side by side. There was a great trail that ran around the perimeter or the working ranch and then finished with a short section right down the middle of the alfalfa fields. It was almost more than our horses could stand. Like kids in a candy shop, they munched on the sweet feed.

Then we tried the trails that take you into the sandy/rocky part of the park. There was a slight incline that gave the horses a bit of a workout, but it was nothing more than we could handle. Silver Saddle Ranch has the old fashioned drop box type of restrooms like you will find in most parks, and they are in good shape.

We did bring our own water, but found a spigot there if you need water for your horses (or you). We sure had a great time and plan on visiting again soon. Well maintained and a ranch forman on site, this is a nice safe place that we and our horses loved.

Hope to see you on the trail ...

Love and Bliss,


Took this video to share. It captures some of the fun we had