Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lady Gets Out for Her First Ride

Hi Friends,

We got Lady back in February so Brenda would have a good horse to ride. After we got her we found that she had very tender front feet and she has been getting regular care from our trimmer (High Desert Hoof Care)to get her back in action.

Well today was indeed a great day as we were able to take her out for Brenda to ride for the first time. She was a little spooky at first as this was the first ride into the Equestrian Park at Washoe Lake. It was great to see her relax a couple of times and enjoy her ride.

Here is a short video from my Android phone to show you how goos she was looking.


Don & Brenda (Pete & Lady Too!)

A Slideshow of Our $35.00 Fireworks Spectacular

Hi Friends,

Well it seems we spent much of our time shooting off little sparklers and not as much time taking pictures during our fireworks spectacular. But at any rate here is a short slide show with the photo's we did manage to get. We are already planning to do it again next year but maybe with a bigger budget this time...maybe $45.00. Wow, the thought just sends chills up my spine (is it up or down your spine?).

Get your ooh's and aah's ready here goes...

Much Love,

Don & Brenda

Monday, July 06, 2009

Back Home After Perfect Vacation

Hi Friends,

We are back home now after a almost perfect vacation. In the next couple days I will add some video's from vacation that I am still working on. And I will probably ramble on and on about this and that. But that is part of the fun of vacations, right?

Today I took Pete out for a ride after being away for a week and it was wonderful. He really is a one of a kind horse to me and Brenda. Here is a short video I make with the Google Phone. Short but fun to make and always fun to watch when you can't get out to ride.

More soon, have a coolio day.

Don & Brenda