Thursday, March 08, 2012

Lets Go Truckin Over Echo Summit

Hi Friends,

Well it was a wonderful day in the mountains so I thought I would share this trip up and over Echo Summit on Highway 50. If you checked out my last post we were knee deep in snow and chained up on Donner Pass. What a difference a couple days make as today brought us temperatures in the 60's and beautiful blue skies as far as you could see. Knowing there are days like these make those snowy days bearable.

I pushed play as I neared the 600 foot marker and filmed my ride over Echo to Myers. Oh, then I sped it up a bit so you wouldn't have to watch all day. If you look close you might see the two bears hiding along the side of the road.

Until our next adventure ... keep the shiny side up!


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Up and Over Donner Pass

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  ~Lao Tzu

Hi Friends,

It has been such a mild Winter so far and it is almost over. I have been waiting for some time to make a video from my dash cam of a run over Donner Pass in the snow. Well I was finally able to put together something for you the other day. It is not high cinema or award winning, but it was fun to make.

These late Winter storms can be interesting. It might be 60 to 70 degrees one day and I can be throwing chains the next day. That was the case this week.  I was riding the horses with Brenda on Sunday and loving the warm sun then on Tuesday we were driving 60 miles with the tires making their chain noise on the pavement.

There was not that much snow, but CalTrans must figure if you let the drivers run wild they will hit something or worse. I understand and just take my time getting over the hill. You will probably notice there are a bunch of cars and trucks that are flying past me. It bothered me at one time in my life, but not any more. I figure my job  is to get the load over the hill safely and it will take the time it takes. One of my first bosses at Mohawk reminded me regularly that it was just rug and nothing more. Lives did not depend on it and a couple extra hours would not make that big a difference.

It is kind of fun driving most of the time. When the season gets toward the end and we have been chaining for a few months, I tend to get tired of it. Mostly I get tired of the smell of the road grime and the wet. Sometimes it feels like I am wet for months.  Then comes Spring and I smile and enjoy watching the season change back to green and life return to the roads I drive. Soon the Winter grind is forgotten until October brings it back. Bliss!

Thanks for stopping by. Be kind and follow your bliss.