Monday, July 02, 2012

Wonderful Memories

Hi Friends,

Wow, I checked out this trailer today and the memories from days gone by just came flooding over me. Shared it with Brenda and she was excited too. When she and I met my car was a bug. We fixed it up and changed it to a CalLook bug after an article in Hot VW's Magazine.

Over the next few years we had many wonderful adventures in our bug, many that included getting by with pennies to spare. Or getting up the morning after driving all night to see both back tires flat from just being worn out. Or working all night to get the engine well enough to get us to the Bug-O-Rama in Sacramento where we would have the time of our life.

We are really excited to see this new film come home for us to see together, still, now after 30 years.

Peace, Love and Bliss to You All!!


OLDER N' FASTER // The California Look : TRAILER from Stephen Brooks FILMS on Vimeo.