Saturday, January 05, 2008

Washoe Valley Snow 'Thank God!'

Hi Friends,

The snow started falling Friday evening and it is still going great guns as we speak. I got out early and took a stroll down to the lake for some picture taking. It was beautiful and awe inspiring.

I have added a bunch of the photo's I took while on my slushy walk to our Flickr page for you to enjoy. You can check them out here. So what is it doing where you live?

More to come as long as it keeps snowing!

Later Friends,


Friday, January 04, 2008

Sierra Snow .. This Should Be Fun

Hi Friends,

We are just getting settled in for a Wintery and very white weekend. It should be a real blast if all go's as planned.

All day long it has been raining like it hasn't rained in years and this afternoon it started snowing. The weatherman is calling for the possibility of us getting 10" of snow here at 'Casa Tucker.' If it holds to plan, I am getting up early to take pictures of the Winter beauty.

There is really nothing like the quiet beauty of a heavy snowfall especially if you can get out in it before anyone else has trampled the pristine new blanket.

So check back this weekend for a collection of photo's from our Winter wonderland.

Take the time to enjoy the day!