Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On The Road in Oakland

The company I drive for has decided to start getting back hauls to help pay the fuel bill for the empty trailer that usually runs between Reno and Hayward. Today is my first back haul.

I wanted to try and make a great first impression for what might be a new, regular customer. Receiving hours in Oakland are 6:00 am till noon and I wanted to be first at the dock. So I left Reno at 1:00 am looking to impress with my super service.

Well it is 6:00 am and now I am told I will be waiting untill at least 8:00 am before they will start unloading. It is sort of funny, but it is mostly just trucking and is the norm for most docks. Sure will be different from carpet deliveries where you work fast and get done early.

Peace, Love and Bliss