Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hiya Buddies!

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is "Peppy" and I am the newest member of the Tucker Clan. I am having a real good time here at Don & Brenda's place. My favorite things so far are licking faces, biting Brenda when she won't play with me enough (Brenda calls me an alligator)and going to work with Brenda.

I can run forever and a day, but when I stop I just fall into whatever arms happen to be around and sleep. Boy can I sleep! I can almost sleep all night long without having to get up to .... well you know, but I am getting better every night.

Yes that is sort of a mohawk on my head, pretty cool huh? It gives me my own style and sets me apart from the crowd, I guess that is why Brenda picked me out of the bunch.

Rusty, my big brother and mentor, is starting to like me more each day. I still get on his nerves from time to time and I have to remind myself that he is not a pup anymore and has a reputation as a grump. He let's himself go once in a while and we play and run all over the house ... it is a blast!

So I had my human friends make this little video to show you just how cute I am. I hope you like it. It is here in YouTube!

Talk to ya later friends,


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