Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our 'Life is Good' Spring Adventure is Underway

We are off again on our annual spring fling to Oregon and where ever our spirits take us. Our theme this year (cuz you know you can't do anything without a theme) is 'Life is Good.' Brenda paid a visit to the local 'Life is Good' store to get us outfitted and ready for this chapter of our life.

We hope you will stop by when you can to read about what is happening and where we are currently playing or resting. There will also be plenty of great pictures for you to follow along.

Today was our first travel day taking us from Reno to Medford in about 6 hours. We currently finding refuge with Ashley, Bonnie and Danny and catching up on all things family. We are also making some plans for the next few days... there is talk of pedacures and such with the girls and Segway, Seasides and Shakespere so we have plenty to do.

Off to bed for now and some checking of the inside of the eyelids.



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