Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back to Reality (for now)

Hi Friends,

Saturday night and tomorrow we have to travel back to reality and the grind of work and the daily rat race. It seems like there must be something more, something I am missing, outside of what everyone calls normal. Working just to look forward to vacation, putting up with the boss all week just to be happy on the weekend ... there must be more. Maybe I will be able to figure it out when we get home. Maybe I will have to get away to a mountain top or some other quiet place to figure it out.

We had a great time as we always do. Gold Beach was both fun and refreshing and our time there just too short. We did come away feeling that our usual lodging was getting to usual. Perhaps variety is the spice of life and staying at the same Hotel or Inn seems too much like reality.

Brenda and Ashley had fun as did the Puppies. The temperatures at the Beach were in the higher 60's and low 70's (maybe 70's) all week. No rain, not even a hint came our way but the wind did blow most days. We did not even feel bad for anyone stuck at home in the 100+ temperatures

On our ride home we stopped at a great little tide pool full of life. There were star fish all over the place and little creatures clinging to the rocks waiting for the next high tide to come around.

Things we will change next trip...

New lodging.

Maybe a place with lighter winds.

Brenda has to ride the Jet Boats with us.

More time on the Beach.

Okay that wraps up another fun adventure for us. We have mentioned what we will do next time but nothing really serious yet. Want to see what we saw? Check out the Flickr Photos and relax with us.

Later Dudes...

Don, Brenda, Ashley and the Puppies

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