Saturday, December 06, 2008

It Feels like it's Fall So Let's Ride

Hi Friends,

It has been so sunny and nice, not a trace of rain and very few clouds. So we gave up on chores around the house and took off on our horses to Washoe Lake Horseman's Park for a couple hours of fun.

Brenda was riding Trinity, her beautiful horse with high anxiety. Trinity is a Missouri Foxtrotter that Brenda fell in love with. She is also a handful. Brenda has her hands full keeping her in check while trying to enjoy the ride.

I rode our new horse, Pete. He is all Appaloosa and just beautiful. Well trained and amazing to ride, he is a dream out on trails. We just wish there was more Fall coming this year. We have been blessed with sunny skies, light winds and warm (48 today) temperatures. We keep looking to the skies knowing that Winter is just around the corner and with it fewer days to ride and have outdoor fun.

We are also working on our horse-human relations, trying to be the best friends we can be to our big furry friends .. it is like learning a new language there is so much to learn.

There are photo's of our horsey adventure on our Flickr page.

That is it for now...

Don & Brenda


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