Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trucking Over Luther Pass

Hi Friends,

Winter is finally making it's exit and the Spring weather is making it possible to use some mountain passes that were closed when I needed them earlier in the year. One of my favorite drives is the highway 88 and 89 route to South Lake Tahoe over Luther Pass. It winds it's way through some of the prettiest mountain valleys and rocks and there is very little traffic.

The Spring run off will be starting soon and with it the stream that follows the road will fill the banks and make amazing waterfalls will dot the roadsides. I can't wait to rush through my deliveries so I can stop to have a bite to eat and meditate on the beauty while taking in the sounds of rushing water.

Here is a short video I took this last Friday on my first run up and over Luther Pass in 2010.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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