Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Have You Seen Our Mailman?

Hi Friends,

Sure it snowed here at Casa Tucker and has been on and off since about the 18th. But it has been about a week since last we saw any new mail. It probably is not much, a couple of bills, maybe a magazine and then those wonderful paper things that we toss right into the trash. Still we do always have that outside chance that a check for a million dollars or free tires or a free soda coupon.

Today I took a walk out to the mailbox just to check and see if the mailman had stopped by. Nope, still nothing... our mailbox is still empty and cold... and lonely.

Have you seen the mailman in Washoe Valley? Actually, I did see the mailman yesterday. She drove down the road just passing our mailbox and then she stopped. Was she going to back up and fill our mailbox? Nope she paused looked around and then continued down the road. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I will mail myself a letter or card and see if she picks it up.

Stay tuned for more. But until we find out about tomorrow, enjoy this video I made today.

Peace, Love and Lost mail,


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