Monday, March 19, 2012

Back Over Donner Pass

Hi Friends,

Just put together another short video of my last trip over Donner Pass. Thought  It is getting late in March so these snow storms will be coming to an end soon, and I will be running to Vacaville on bare pavement again. The Spring and Summer are what make these storms a bit more bearable.  With every trip over now I can see the trees turning green again, many with colorfiul flowers on them as they get ready to celebrate the return of warmer days.

On this trip CalTrans had maximun chain requirements up for the trucks and the roads were covered with ice and a top layer of snow. It was actually not a bad trip over, but I do like to take it a bit slower than the rest of the drivers on the road. My trailer is usually empty heading West over the hill so it has a tendency to slide around a bit more than those with a load. Then again, my thinking is that I drive like an old man so I can live to be an old man.

So it is off on another adventure over Donner Pass heading West. This time I left the video at normal speed and the sound is on so you can hear the rumble of the chains.  It tells a story about a day in my life and reminds me of the glory of Spring and Summer and the warmth of the Sun.

So strap in and grab a warm beverage and lets get on the road.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to hang max iron for that paltry amount of snow.