Saturday, September 28, 2013

So We Are Campers

Hi Friends,

Well we have turned another page in our life and have become campers. To be honest I think we have both wanted to do some kind of camping for quite a while. but have finally pulled the trigger on this adventure.

Our first weekend camping trip.
In the past either Brenda or I would make some comment to the other that it might be fun to go camping in our spare time. Then one day Brenda came home and said, "let's go look at travel trailers." Actually we were pretty excited about a particular little travel trailer that was really light and cost just a tad more than $13,000. It seemed to us to offer all the basics for camping plus we could pull it with our truck (a GMC 1500). So off to the dealer we went to check this baby out. It was easy to find, sitting right in front of the office and it was open so we walked around and kicked the tires. It was cute as a bug and we were excited. Then we talked to a nice couple that was also looking at it. He mentioned some build concerns to us and told me we would not comfy in this rig. For one thing I would not be able to stand up all the way inside. Oh, and the bed was lightweight and poorly designed if we both wanted to sleep at the same time.

All hooked up and ready to roll.
While pondering our now slightly less desirable dream trailer we wandered around the lot.  Eventually we found a row of bigger rigs that seemed pretty nice so we checked them out. By now we had been joined by a sales person that showed a great deal of patience as we jumped from trailer to trailer asking questions and pulling out drawers. Finally narrowing our dream trailer down to just 2 different models. After a bit more pondering and drawer pulling we had our new trailer. A Jayco 19FB, 19 feet long and as we were informed, it would be fine behind our current truck. We would be back in a week to pick it up as they needed to make sure everything worked and was bright and shiny for our first camping trip.

Time seemed to drag along like molasses in Winter, but a few days before the big camping shin dig Truckee Meadows Water Systems was having for their employees we were hooked up and ready to roll.  This whole camping adventure is like learning a new language. There is so much to learn, but there are also endless new memories to be made in this chapter of our life.

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