Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our First Trail Trials Event

Hi Friends,

We have been having so much fun with the horses this Spring and are really looking forward to Summer should it ever get here. Pete and Dually are out with us all the time and Lady is getting better feet every day, so it is just a matter of time until she is out with us too.

We did something we had never done before by entering the TB Friends Trail Trials at the Washoe Lake Equestrian Center. Both of us had spent some time looking at You Tube videos trying to get a idea of what we would be doing, and with so some feeling about what we would be able to do with our horses.

Brenda rode Dually and I rode Pete. We did not have to trailer the horses because the Trail Trials were so close. We got up early and fed, then rode the horses to the sign up area. After paying our entry fee, we got a map and instructions for each of the 10 different challenges.

I thought I would be able to do many of the trials because Pete is a pretty smart horse and he works well with me on the trails. Of course you have to ride the horse that shows up the day you are riding, and this day Pete was a bit un coopertive. We did a few of the trials really well, and then there were the others. Pete and I finished dead last ... but we had a great time and want to try it again. We will be playing some of the games that were in the Trail Trials so we can do better next time.

Brenda really didn't thing she and Dually were going to do well. Or maybe she was just throwing up a smoke screen in case she did poorly. In the end she was amazing, working really well with Dually and getting through even the toughest challenges with flying colors. Did I mention she got a 6th place in our class after all was said and done? Like I said she was amazing!

We have a bunch of pictures to share on our Picasa Photo page, just click here.

Can't wait to do this again, or maybe some other challenge that people and horses do together.

Happy Trails!

Don & Brenda

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