Thursday, July 02, 2009

'No Agenda' Gold Beach Vacation Day Three

Hi Friends,

We have been lounging around Gold Beach, watching the sun set and the fog roll in and out and collecting rocks.

Today we went for a beach horseback ride and it was a blast. We rented three horses and Hawks Rest Stables and were joined by a guide to take us out on the sand dunes along the Pacific Ocean. The fog was still lingering along the coast but the air was mild with almost no wind. The downside was it was only a 90 minute ride and we really wanted to stay out longer. The upside was ... we were riding our horses along the Pacific Ocean and we were not at work!

After the ride we went to the port and had lunch with Danny and Bonnie. The food at The Port Hole Cafe was average but tasty and the views were grand. The luch was topped off with ice cream sundae's in the art lounge.

Then we piled into the car and went to the ocean to collect some driftwood and rocks and watch the seals play. With the fog and the waves it was very relaxing. We probably could have stayed there all day without getting tired of the views.

We still want to go play in the tide pools tomorrow, to check out all the little critters that live on the rocks and are visible when the tides are low.

Okay, back to the vacation. There are bunch of photo's on out Picasa page if you want to check them out.

Peace & Love,

Don & Brenda and Ashley Too!

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