Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing Late Summer Day

Hi Friends,

As this amazing Summer comes to an end, Brenda and I spent Sunday out in the Equine Park with Pete and Dually. We knew it was probably the last hot sunny day we could get out with the horses and we were right.

We decided to take the horses out a couple of hours before sunset so we could seethe Sun and it fell behind Slide Mountain. What a great ride...

Pete and I had so much fun and seemed to really be communicating from start to finish. Has it only been 10 months since we became friends? I still have so much to learn but am determined to get all the knowledge needed to become a real horseman for him.

Brenda and Dually had a really great ride as well. They are still in the bonding stage too and have come along way as evidenced by the smooth fun ride today.

We walked down by Washoe Lake and Pete and Dually walked right in. Then they just continued down the lake shore in the water like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Pete was wearing his Easyboots and made some pretty good splashes that that made us smile. Maybe not so much for Brenda and Dually as they got the brunt of the spalsh. But is was hot and it felt good and we will remember it for a long time.

I couldn't help being proud of Pete and all that we have learned this Summer. I am sure he knows all the things I am just learning and has put up with my slow learning curve, but I am still proud of him.

So I guess this wraps up the Summer of 2009. Sad to see it go and trying to get excited about riding in Winter. I guess the learning curve continues.

Peace and Love,

Don & Brenda

Almost forgot, here are a couple of videos from the ride.

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