Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating Pete's First Year

Hi Friends,

Today we are celebrating one year with our new friend Pete. Brenda first spotted Pete on Craigslist last November, with the help of a photo showing him playing with a big rubber ball. The photo had me sold from the beginning showing him as full of fun and personality.

In the past year Brenda and I have enjoyed many wonderful rides with Pete. He loves to go riding and always is the level head but still full of fun. He has taught me much about riding and horses and I learn something new every time we journey out.

So to celebrate the first year of life with our new friend Pete ... I started taking lessons from a Parelli Instructor today. I figured it was time to take real responsibility for his future and make his life better by improving my horsemanship. It was a great 2 hour lesson and I even have homework for Pete and I to work on before the next lesson.

Brenda and I are happy to have Pete with us and looking forward to many more years of fun and family rides.

Happy Trails,

Don & Brenda (and Pete)

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