Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is Here, Refreshing the Spirit

Hi Friends,

Summer has arrived and with it comes a fresh outlook on life and the World. Gone now are those grumblings I get towards the end of Winter, the result of way too many chain ups to get over Donner Pass and the never ending cold. It is not that I can't see the beauty in a snow storm or find the Spirit lifting things along my path that make me say ahhhh, it is just that it seems like it goes on and on and on.

It is in Spring and the early part of Summer that my Spirit finds a lift around every corner and behind those things you see every day. Have you noticed that the longer you look at something the more you you can see? Or that the longer you listen quietly, bending your ear to listen past the jumble the more small sounds you can hear?

In my travels behind the wheel of a truck going 55 mph or more, it would be easy to get tired of the same route, roads or sights and become bitter about being stuck in the driving rut. Instead I make notes to myself that when I get a chance, and am running ahead of schedule, I will stop and take my break investigating something that I have seen. It doesn't take long and rewards can be a feeling or sight that you may never forget. You might have one of those aha moments that people speak about that change your life.

So Summer is here and I am exploring and listening and taking the time to grab hold of those moments that might change my life ... are you?

I hope so, and wish you a Spirit filling Summer too.

Here are a couple videos that I made this Summer, from spots that are just off the side of the road or around a corner that I passed every day. Listen to the water and the birds and think about someplace you might explore, and then share it.

Peace, Love and Bliss,

Don & Brenda

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