Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Medford Style 4th of July

Hi Friends,

We are on vacation and have journeyed to Medford, Oregon to celebrate the 4th of July in style.

At home the powers that be will lock you up for even talking about fireworks including sparklers. In Medford we discovered last year that they have this agreement with the residents called, "Safe and Sane Fireworks." There are these amazing fireworks superstores set up around town that sell approved fireworks, and let me tell you the approved fireworks are great. During the 2009 4th we bought $35.00 worth of the bombs and had a great time. This year we spent ... well let's just say more the $35.00 we spent last year as the credit card bill has not yet made it's way to Brenda. We got Brenda's brother Danny involved this year so the fun meter was even higher.

We bought all our fireworks on Saturday and we all found it hard to actually wait until Sunday night to launch into the fun. By Sunday morning we were all wanting to just test a few to see what we had. But we managed to last until dusk, but just until dusk before we started with the small stuff.

The neighborhood Bonnie, Danny and Ashley live in is very active on the 4th of July. I took a walk around the little community about 3 pm and found the neighbors already putting chairs and coolers outside their garages in preparation for the evening fun. What a neat place to live! Some of the families had blocked off entire blocks and were playing in the streets with their kids and anyone else that came by. So cool.

We had a blast with our fireworks. We managed to get about an hour and half of excitement out of them and then took a stroll around the neighborhood again because the neighbors found a source for those fireworks you weren't supposed to have. The fireworks they had would have Disney proud. They launched about 100 to even 200 feet into the sky and were amazing to watch. Many were single tubes launched from the street, but many were in boxes (cakes) that launched multiple shells in short shows. It was really great and we had so much fun.

By 11:30pm the last of the neighborhood fireworks were launched and we were back trying to calm the dogs down. They must have thought the World was ending they were so upset. We took a couple of videos to capture the evening and share with you. Hope we will be back here next year again on the 4th. Already trying to find a source for one of those boxes (cakes) of fireworks to light off for the evening. So far no luck, but I have a whole year to locate them.

Until next time ....

Peace, Love and Bliss,

Brenda & Don (and Ashley too)

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