Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remnants of the Old V&T Railroad in Washoe Valley

We would like to live as we once lived, but history will not permit it.
John F. Kennedy

Hi Friends,

I took a short hike after work today to capture some video of the remains of the old V&T railroad as it ran between Washoe Valley and Pleasant Valley. The V&T last ran from Carson City to Reno through the valley in 1950 and the rails and such have been collected and probably sold for scrap. What remains are a couple of trestles on the North end of Washoe Valley that someday will rot into nothing.

Just a short walk/hike off the freeway you will find the first trestle now covered by some fallen trees and such. It has wonderful rock work around it that looks like sandstone and maybe slate. Each piece cut and fitted by craftsmen from the past. The construction of the trestle shows bolts and timbers with marks made by hammers many years ago.

I sat in the sun and imagined the big engines and rail cars of the V&T rumbling through the narrow canyon, thinking about what that sound would have been as the canyon narrowed and the train puffed its way into Pleasant Valley. It must have been pretty loud.

The second of the trestles is just a few steps toward the North East. Easy to spot if you just follow the canyon. Watch for snakes, as this looks like prime ground for such varmits. There was also some sign that deer visited this area. Once I saw a bear in the valley below this one, so they probably roam around here as well.

I spent a few minutes wandering around and got the refreshing that I was looking for. Checked out a small piece of Nevada history and got some exercise. I also shot some video to share with you.

Peace, Love and Bliss,


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