Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anniversary Celebration and Adventures

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Hi Friends and Family,

What a wonderful few weeks we have had. On the weekend of the 15th of May we celebrated our 29th Anniversary. To use a tired old phrase, "boy does time fly." It really is hard to believe that 29 years has already passed in our marriage.

We marked the occasion this year with a trip to Carmel, CA. It was our first experience with this wonderful little town and we totally loved it. Can't believe we have missed this oasis for so many years. Well actually I can because we have a habit of visiting a place over and over if we find one we like. Lately we have been thinking this through a bit more and have decided we would like to try new places to expand our adventures and experiences.

So it was off to Carmel and the adventure of someplace new. We drove from Reno to Sacramento and then down I5 a few miles then across CA152 into Carmel. The drive was great, no real problems with the navigation and it sure was beautiful. Miles and miles of farm land, green as far as you could see and good conversation. We did get a little lost in Carmel but that was corrected in short order and we soon found the Carmel Country Inn, our resting place for the weekend. The Carmel Country Inn was such a wonderful experience that I will have a whole article just about them so I can do them justice.

Carmel has small town charm and something we had not experienced in any other town ... total acceptance of people and their pets. Really they were welcome everywhere we went. The grocery store, the shops downtown, even the restaurants. It is so refreshing to visit a place that Loves animals as much as we Love ours.

We wandered on down to Carmel Beach and sat in the white sand soaking up the good vibes and sea air. The beach was another place we found animals of every kind wandering, running and playing with their owners. It was really a blast!

Along with the embracing pets, Carmel also does not have any parking meters, no loud music, no huge neon signs or billboards and no street numbers on the buildings. They don't blow up buildings when they get old and build ugly new ones and everyone seems really genuinely nice.

We came back totally relaxed and refreshed and excited about returning again someday to see more of the sights and experience more of the vibe of Carmel.

Here is to you finding a place to relax and refresh.

Peace, Love and Bliss,

Don & Brenda

Rusty & Peppy Too!

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Eva said...

Thank you for the review of Carmel. Joe and I are always looking for a good place to get away to. One place we love in the Light House Inn in Pacifica. Right on the beach