Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Fay Luther Trail Ride

Hi Friends,

On Sunday Brenda and I took the horses out to explore the Fay Luther Trail System near Gardnerville.

It has been one of our goals this year to be able to see new trails and share new adventures on horseback. So we got a used horse trailer the first part of the year. Then a few weeks ago we started practicing loading up our three horses. We made a short drive down to the South end of the lake to get Dually and Pete used to trailering again. It also allowed us to try some new trails in the hills at that end of Washoe Lake.

This Sunday we decided it was time to go a bit further. We decided that we would head South to the Fay Luther Trails in the hills near Gardnerville. We pre loaded the trailer with all our stuff plus a picnic lunch and drinks for the trip. It was our first all day drive and ride so far.

The Fay Luther Trailhead was very accommodating, dirt with gravel parking lot. Plenty of space for trucks with horse trailers and cars to park, even with the special event being held there this weekend. It looks like there are usually no facilities available at the trailhead. This weekend they did have a port a potty, but we assume it was brought in by the special event group. We used it anyway. We brought our own water as we read that none was available. There were some running streams so if we had needed, the horses could have got refreshment from them.

After we saddled up we headed for the hills. We really didn't know what to expect from Pete and Dually on the first trip from Washoe, but were pleasantly surprised by both of them. Pete stepped right out and took the lead on the way from the parking area. It looked like he was on a mission setting a great pace and enjoying the ride. Dually was right behind but a bit more apprehensive. The slope or climb is not too agressive so it is not too challenging for me. Brenda is an ace on hills and has little or no fear, but I am a bit more of wimp, so it turned out great for both of us.

The trail system took us up into the pines and brush. The sound of running streams greeted us around many turns, the smell of the fresh air with pine was amazing. We did need to cross a few small streams if we felt up to the challenge and did try one small crossing. Brenda got Dually over it but Pete was a bit more unsure, so I got off and walked him across. We both learned something we can use next time we need to cross a creek or other challenge. And neither of us beat our horse like the lady crossing in front of us.

There were some rock crossings to tackle as well. Nothing too big for most folks I am sure. But for me it offered something new. Pete impressed me by stopping and looking at his options before crossing and then picking his path across. Dually was great too making his way over the rocks with relative ease.

Back at the trailer we packed up and chatted about how much fun we had. The horse did great and we so enjoyed the ride together and recorded a new adventure for our memories. We really think you will enjoy the Fay Luther Trail System if you are thinking about trying it. Bring water and something to snack on and have fun.

Happy Trails...

Don and Brenda
Pete and Dually

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